Printing sets, place mats, and disposable menus.

A place mat (also known as a table mat) is a disposable paper liner placed under dishes, typically made of regular or kraft paper. The standard size of a place mat or disposable menu is usually 30x42 cm. Place mats are popular promotional products that help create a positive image for your establishment.

What do we print on placemats/sets?
  • advertisements
  • useful information
  • entertainment content

Types of paper


What affects the price?

  • coloring (whether the placemat will be full-color or printed in one color)
  • single-sided or double-sided printing
  • paper type (newspaper, offset, kraft)
  • paper density

Additional services


Sets or place mats, and disposable menus are paper liners placed under tableware, allowing you to display necessary information and enhance the design of your café or restaurant. With a strategic approach, printing sets can help increase revenue, attract more customers, and make your establishment more recognizable.

What are sets and disposable menus used for?

These liners serve several important functions. The key ones are as follows:

Providing information about promotions, menu updates, or seasonal dishes. Sometimes, restaurant or café guests may not be aware of new offerings at their favorite establishment and might go searching for them at your competitors. However, providing brief information on these sets can help retain loyal customers.

Entertaining guests. Waiting for orders, lack of conversation topics, or bored children can negatively impact the mood of customers. Sets can help alleviate this issue by printing the following:

Interesting facts about popular drinks and dishes. This can spark conversations among customers and become a unique selling point for your establishment if you occasionally add new material.

Coloring activities. Including characters from cartoons for children and stress-relieving patterns for adults can help pass the time and create a positive impression of your establishment.

Puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, and tabletop games. These activities can make waiting for orders more enjoyable and productive.

Refreshing the design. Vibrant sets designed according to the current season or upcoming holidays can be a great addition to the overall decor. Seasonal menus, holiday facts, and greetings can all be incorporated effectively.

Maintaining cleanliness of tables and trays. Crumbs, food particles, and beverage spills can be contained on the paper, keeping the tablecloth clean.

Where to order printing of sets in Vinnytsia?

Our printing house, “PCL,” is ready to handle orders of any complexity on offset, newspaper, or kraft paper. We can help add a unique touch to your establishment!