Printing products

Professional printing of advertising products
  • Leaflets
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Euroflyers
  • Forms

Types of paper


What affects the price?

  • number of pages
  • format
  • chromaticity
  • type of paper (newsprint or offset)
  • circulation

Additional services


Printed materials are used for advertising purposes, educational materials, and various documentation needs. We help our clients obtain modern and vibrant materials, such as flyers, at an affordable price and with high quality. We provide an personal approach to each specific case.

Our printing house produces popular printed materials of any complexity with a minimum print run of 1000 copies. Our clients most frequently request the following services:


Flyer printing: These are advertising materials typically used to promote the opening of a new establishment or ongoing promotions, including contact phone numbers and addresses. They help attract new customers or regain the attention of existing ones.


Booklet and brochure printing: This type of advertising material is folded like an accordion or consists of multiple pages. It provides a comprehensive list of services and products, including descriptions and pricing, allowing for maximum information delivery to potential clients.

Educational manual printing: This service is available for orders of 1000 copies or more. Educational materials are often printed in the form of brochures, which can include study guides or supplementary content for specific courses.


Instruction and guide printing: These materials can be single-page documents or multi-page brochures.


Printing of various forms and blanks.


Delivery notes.




Where to order printing services in Vinnytsia?


If you are looking to print flyers or forms at an affordable price, please contact our printing house “PCL,” and we will provide you with the optimal rate for your order. Our staff is always ready to assist and provide consultation on any questions you may have.