Our printing house will print your newspaper
quickly, responsibly, and with high quality.

Printing House Press Corporation Limited prints all kinds of newspapers:
  • seasonal
  • corporate
  • advertising-informative
  • other

Types of paper


What affects the price?

  • number of pages
  • format
  • page color
  • kind of paper
  • circulation

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It may seem that in our digital age, all information can be found online. However, printed materials, especially regional or niche-specific ones, are still widely prevalent. Corporate newspapers have gained significant popularity – while they were previously used solely for employee communication, they now present an excellent opportunity to engage potential clients and share interesting stories about one's business. Advertising materials for stores, pharmacies, and other businesses also play an important role.

How does the newspaper printing process work?

The newspaper printing process involves several stages, with the most important ones as follows:

Layout design using specialized computer programs. Texts, graphics, and advertisements are arranged on the future page, taking into account the overall design of the publication.

Checking the layout for print readiness according to specific requirements. Afterwards, it is corrected and mounted on special electronic imposition sheets.

Plate creation. This involves color separation and rasterization using a raster image processor (RIP), followed by outputting the image to a computer-to-plate (CTP) device. The CTP device, under specific illumination, laser-etches the image onto the plates. The plates are then processed through a developing machine, resulting in ready-to-use forms.

Printing itself. The prepared plates are placed in the printing department, where they are installed in the printing machine. Equipped with roller systems, the machine swiftly transfers the impression onto paper as it passes between the rollers. Alignment marks, ink saturation, and uniform application are adjusted using control panels.

Folding. Paper sheets with the printed image are placed in a folding apparatus, which precisely cuts them with a sharp blade and folds them to give the newspaper its familiar appearance.

Where to print newspapers in Vinnytsia.

The employees of “PCL” Printing House understand the importance of printing newspapers within the designated timeframe, and therefore, we perform our work quickly and with high quality. The cost of newspaper printing in the printing house depends on various factors such as the type of paper, print run, and complexity.